How to Set Up Your Sawgrass SG400 or SG800 Printer

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Do you need help setting up your new Sawgrass SG400 or SG800 printer? Here is a great video from Coastal Business Supplies that will help you set up your printer, install Virtuoso Print Manager and show you how to make your very first sublimation transfer.

NOTE: Since the filming of the video below, Sawgrass has changed its registration process. We have updated the instructions in the text below. 

Step 1: Unboxing

Your first step is to take all the materials out of your box. At Coastal, our SG400 and SG800 packages ship with the printer, 100 sheets of sublimation paper, a sample pack of sublimation blanks, a USB cord, the printer’s power cord, and the installation kit. The installation kit contains a quick installation guide, a USB thumb drive containing your printer’s manual, and four standard sublimation ink cartridges: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.

SG400 SG800 Installation Kit | Coastal Business

Set 2: Give it Some Power!

Next, you will want to give your SG400 or SG800 printer some power. Plug the included AC power cord into your printer and to a wall outlet. Don’t turn the printer on just yet – we will do that in a little bit.

Plugging in SG400 SG800 Printer | Coastal Business

Step 3: Installing Ink & Paper

On the right side of the printer, there is a panel to open where your ink cartridges will slide in. Take each ink cartridge out of its packaging, then slide each ink cartridge into their corresponding slots on the printer with all color codes facing the front.

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Installing Ink in SG400 SG800 Printer | Coastal Business

Next, load your sublimation paper into your paper tray. If you did not purchase a bypass tray for your printer, you will want to pull the paper tray out (this tray is located on the front of the printer) and place your paper in. You may notice that your 8.5” x 14” paper does not fit properly as the tray comes fitted for 8.5” x 11” paper by default.

To adjust for 8.5” x 14” paper, slide the two white bars to the inner side pieces, pinch and slide the green tray guide to the front of the tray, and then push the green tabs on the left and right of the tray out. You will now be able to move the tray out to its full capacity and load your paper. After loading your paper, push the green tabs back in, and push the paper tray back in.

Note: You will notice that your sublimation paper likely has a bright white side and a duller, off-white side – or a grid. The bright white side should be inserted face-down. This is the side it prints on.

Installing Paper in SG400 SG800 Printer | Coastal Business

Step 4: (Optional) Bypass Tray

With both the SG400 and SG800, you have the option to add a bypass tray to achieve larger print sizes. The SG400 bypass tray allows printing up to 8.5” x 50” while the SG800 bypass tray allows printing up to 13” x 19”.

To install your bypass tray, you will notice on the back on your printer you have an installation port on the left-hand side. Take your bypass tray and connect the two installation pieces on the tray to the two installation ports on the printer back.

The next step is to install your bypass tray on the printer itself. Follow these steps on your SG400 or SG800’s screen:

  1. Press Menu
  2. Choose Paper Input, press enter
  3. Select Auto Tray Select, enter
  4. Select Bypass Tray, enter
  5. Select on, enter
  6. Press Escape once
  7. Select Tray Priority, enter
  8. Select Bypass tray, enter
  9. Press Escape
  10. Select Tray Paper Size, select Bypass Tray, enter
  11. Select 12×18, enter
  12. Escape all the way out of the menu option until you are back to the Ready Screen on your printer.

When inserting your sublimation paper into the bypass tray, the print side (i.e. the bright white side) should be facing you.

Step 5: Installing Virtuoso Print Manager

Now that your printer is set up, you will move onto installing Virtuoso Print Manager (VPM). VPM provides color correction to ensure your prints are accurate, as well as other tools to improve your printing efficiency. To install VPM, open your browser on your computer and navigate to

From the Sawgrass homepage, locate “Products” and select software > Virtuoso Print Manager, and then click Download Virtuoso Print Manager.

Downloading Sawgrass Virtuoso Print Manager | Coastal Business

Follow the prompts through the Virtuoso Print Manager installation process. This will automatically register your printer and version of Virtuoso Print Manager.

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All Done!

Congratulations! Your new Sawgrass SG400 or SG800 printer is set up! Happy sublimating! If you need additional assistance with installation, don’t hesitate to give our technical support department a call at 1-800-562-7760, option #3. You may also reach out to Sawgrass Support at 1-888-253-1679.

This article appeared originally on the Coastal Business Supplies blog.

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